How Greece Undermined the Idea of Renewable Energy Communities: An Overview of the Relevant Legislation


Marula Tsagkari
University of Barcelona,
Faculty of Economics,
Diagonal 696, Spain,


In the past years, the environmental legislation in Greece has been modernized and updated under the pressure of climate change. The important role of energy communities in the energy transition was acknowledged in 2018 with the progressive law 4513/2018. However, there is still little evidence that the country is actually moving towards energy decentralization. Recently, the idea of energy communities has been undermined and their unique challenges and needs are overlooked. On the contrary, the concept of ‘local energy’ with strong participation from private companies and local authorities, that can promote big investments and hinder growth, is gaining ground in the recent regulation. The present article is an overview of the recent Greek legislation on energy communities highlighting how the Greek regulation moved from a supportive framework for energy communities to a new focus on ‘local energy’.


Energy communities, energy law,Greece, legislation, local energy.             LEAD Journal - ISSN 1746-5893