Carving Out a Greater Role for Civil Litigation as an Environmental Law Enforcement Tool in Zimbabwe’s 2013 Constitution


Tinashe Madebwe
Lecturer of Law,
Public Law Department,
Midlands State University,
Gweru, Zimbabwe


Traditionally, civil litigation has been marginalised as a complementary enforcement tool to state-led efforts at enforcing environmental law in Zimbabwe. This is despite the fact that its value as a complement to other enforcement efforts has increasingly been recognised across the world, and that the Environmental Management Act, the leading statute on environmental law in the country for the last eight years, makes extensive provision for the avenue as a complementary enforcement tool. This paper argues that the inclusion of environmental rights in the 2013 Constitution holds the promise of invigorating civil litigation’s role as a complement to state-led enforcement techniques in Zimbabwe’s environmental law regulatory framework.


Civil litigation, 2013 constitution, environmental courts, environmental management act, environmental protection, environmental rights, Zimbabwe.             LEAD Journal - ISSN 1746-5893