An Introduction to the International ABS Regime and a Comment on its Transposition by the EU


Evanson Chege Kamau
Senior Research Fellow,
Research Centre for European Environmental Law (FEU),
University of Bremen,
(Add.: Faculty of Law,
Universitätsallee GW1,
D-28359 Bremen, Germany

Gerd Winter
Professor of Public Law,
Director of FEU,
University of Bremen



This article summarises the core provisions of the ABS regime as required by the CBD and the NP. It identifies open questions and takes position concerning the interpretation of certain clauses. Looking at an exemplary transposition by a Contracting Party on the user side, it critically discusses the recent EU Commission Proposal for an ABS regulation.


Access to genetic resources, benefit sharing, biodiversity, genetic resources, Nagoya Protocol, traditional knowledge.             LEAD Journal - ISSN 1746-5893