Environmental Law in Tanzania; How Far Have We Gone?

Daniel Mirisho Pallangyo
The Ag. Dean & Lecturer,
Faculty of Law, Tumaini University,
Makumira University College,
P.O.BOX 576, Usa-River, Tanzania


Over the past few decades, environmental protection has emerged from a point of obscurity to one of the important issues of our time. Both at the international and national planes, the dominant theme of the environmental protection movement is the achievement of sustainable development. This paper analyses environmental law and institutions in Tanzania. The study develops an understanding of various environmental laws and institutions (both the old and current laws and policies) for the purposes of looking at the extent in which Tanzania has advanced in the protection of environment. The major discussion evolves around the Tanzanian environmental policy, laws and institutions and how the same covers the major environmental issues today. The author concludes that although the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania provides for the ‘right to health environment’, the major environmental issues are not adequately addressed by Tanzanian environmental laws. The Environmental Management Act, 20 of 2004 serves as a framework Act and can only be effective after the promulgation of the regulations to implement it by the Minister. This has not been done yet.


Environment, environmental policies conventions, legislation economic instruments, impact assessment, tax relief, environmental institutions, sustainable development, systematic assessment.


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