Licence to Control: Implications of Introducing Administrative Water Use Rights in South Africa

Synne Movik and Fieke de Jong


Environmental Regulation of Offshore (E&P) Waste Management in Nigeria: How Effective?

Anwuli Irene Ofuani


Social Exclusion in Watershed Development: Evidence From the Indo-German Watershed Development Project in Maharashtra

Eshwer Kale


Indigenous People and Customary Land Ownership Under Domestic REDD+ Frameworks: A Case Study of Indonesia

Glen Wright


Aboriginal Determination:  Native Title Claims and Barriers to Recognition

Zia Akhtar


Constitutionality of the Plachimada Tribunal Bill, 2011: An Assessment

Sujith Koonan


Groundwater Security in Yemen: Who is Accountable to Whom?

Frank van Steenbergen, Omar Bamaga and Adel Al-Weshali             LEAD Journal - ISSN 1746-5893