Some Reflections on Judicial Protection of the Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment in Uganda

Ben Kiromba Twinomugisha


Environmental Governance Challenges in Kiribati : An Agenda for Legal and Policy Responses

Dejo Olowu


Rights of Local Populations and Conservation of Forest Resources: Analysis of the Gorilla Sanctuary Case in Mengame-Cameroon

Samuel Assembe Mvondo & Danielle Lema Ngono


John R. Nolon ed, Compendium of Land Use Laws for Sustainable Development (Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2006)

Reviewed by Roopa Madhav, LEAD Journal


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Reviewed by David Takacs, IELRC


Tanzania - Environmental Management Act, 2004


Philippines - Biofuels Act, 2006


This issue draws on the results of the workshops organised by the International Environmental Law Research Centre (IELRC) on water law in Delhi in December 2006 and in Geneva in April 2007 in the context of the Indo-Swiss Research partnership on  Legal Issues Related to Water Sector Restructuring,


'Swa'-jal-dhara or 'Pay'-jal-dhara-Sector Reform and the Right to Drinking Water in Rajasthan and Maharashtra

Preeti Sampat


Functioning of Water Users Associations or Pani Panchayat in Orissa: Principle, Procedure, Performance and Prospects

Sushanta Kumar Mahapatra


Safeguarding Water Contracts in Indonesia

Mohamad Mova Al Afghani


General Authorisations as a Tool to Promote Water Allocation Reform in South Africa

A. Anderson, G. Quibell, J. Cullis and N. Ncapayi


The Reform of Water Rights in South Africa

G.J. Pienaar & E. van der Schyff


The Water System and Water Chain in Dutch Water and Environmental Legislation

Pieter Jong


Privatisation of Water: A Historical Perspective

Naren Prasad


A Modern Approach to Water Management: The UNECE Protocol on Water and Health

Francesca Bernardini


The Use of the Public Trust Doctrine in Environmental Law

Patricia Kameri-Mbote


Access and Benefit Sharing from the Indigenous Peoples’ Perspective: The TBGRI-Kani ‘Model’

C.R. Bijoy


Environmental Law in Tanzania; How Far Have We Gone?

Daniel Mirisho Pallangyo


Maritime Transport of Environmentally Damaging Materials - A Balance Between Absolute Freedom and Strict Prohibition

Thaqal S. Al-Ajmi


China’s Peaceful Development and Global Climate Change: A Legal Perspective

Qin Tianbao


The Right to Self-Determination and Natural Resources: The Case of Western Sahara

Hans Morten Haugen


Environmental Regulation in Uganda: Successes and Challenges

Christine Echookit Akellol


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Reviewed by Roopa Madhav, LEAD Journal


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Reviewed by Usha Ramanathan, LEAD Journal

Ethiopia - Proclamation to Provide for Access to Genetic Resources and Community Knowledge and Community Right, 2006             LEAD Journal - ISSN 1746-5893