The Drafting of a Legal Framework on Biosecurity by some Developing Countries: Experiences in the Implementation of the Cartagena Protocol in West Africa

Christine Frison & Thomas Joie


Legal Regime towards Protecting Coral Reefs: An International Perspective and Indian scenario

Rajesh Sehgal


Prospects and Challenges for Harnessing Opportunities in Medicinal Plants Sector in India

Harbir Singh


Whither the Convention on Biological Diversity?

Desh Deepak Verma


Radha D’Souza, Interstate Disputes over Krishna Waters: Law, Science and Imperialism (New Delhi: Orient Longman, 2006)

Reviewed by Usha Ramanathan, LEAD Journal


Constitutional Court's Review and the Future of Water Law in Indonesia

Mohamad Mova Al'Afghani


Poverty Alleviation and Environmental Sustainability through Improved Regimes of Technology Transfer

Klaus Bosselmann


Citizen Participation in the Environmental Impact Assessment Process in Guyana: Reality or Fallacy?

Mark Lancelot Bynoe


Laws for Access to and Management of Drinking Water in Tanzania

Leticia K. Nkonya


A Decade of the Maharashtra Groundwater Legislation: Analysis of the Implementation Process

Sanjiv Phansalkar & Vivek Kher


Using Eminent Domain Powers to Acquire Private Lands for Protected Area Wildlife Conservation: A Survey under Kenyan Law

Nixon Sifuna


Dynamics of the Cross-border Management of Forests in the Congo Basin: Analysis of the Treaty Relating to the Conservation and Management of Forest Ecosystems in Central Africa

Samuel Assembe Mvondo

Indonesia - Law on Water Resources, 2004

Treaty on the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystems in Central Africa, 2005

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